Transition to Work – Glide In

Transition to Work is a critical stage in our life journey seen as a step into adulthood for young adults leaving school. It’s confusing, filled with ambiguity and despite all the opportunities that await, damn confusing!

Most kids are able to participate in Career Counselling at school, which shouldn’t be confused with psychological counselling. Career Counselling is a way that schools can help people explore, understand, and execute career-related decisions. While useful in pointing you in a certain direction, it isn’t a transition service.

Research has consistently highlighted that authentic transition to work services needs to focus on life skills interventions, individual and family counselling and understanding the accommodations that you may need in the workplace.

Regrettably, if you have a disability it’s likely that you will have been “assigned” a career path, often a pathway to dependency, inclusion based on a social life and choice left to a planner or case manager.

If that’s for you, read no further.

If you want more, or just what everyone else gets, then keep reading.

At Glide In, our Workplace Counsellors recognise that your transition will be unique to you and won’t happen unless we understand you and work with you to overcome the barriers to employment. Equally, we need to work with your family to ease their anxieties about you entering the world of work.

Building on our own work and leveraging our global partner’s experiences and research, we have developed a unique Transition to Work program – Glide In – that puts you in charge of your life, your work and your career. No gimmicks, just hard work, guidance and support that helps you develop your skills and your capacity to exercise real control and have a strong voice. Glide In is delivered in schools or can be delivered to you in small group settings.

Transition to Work isn’t just about a job, it’s about transitioning to adulthood and being in control of your life journey. It’s also about starting that journey before you finish school or how about right now?

Interested? Talk to us today about starting your journey to adulthood and real choice and control, using Glide In to build your blueprint for success.