Work First

Work First is a unique suite of person-centred disability employment services that support companies and individuals to make inclusive employment possible for people with a disability. Borne out of years of research and practice evidence and driven by the need to improve disability employment outcomes, Work First works with individuals and companies to make employment and careers possible. Our services are available to companies through the Work First Corporate program and to individuals who are self-managed clients of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Mental Health services are available to the general public, along with Work First program clients.

Work First is the disability employment and mental health service of the Centre for Disability Employment Research and Practice. It is where CDERP illustrates how theory can become practice in the delivery of innovative services to individuals and business. Real Praxis.

Inclusive Corporations

Work First HR & Hire is a complete solution to the sometimes complex issues confronting employers who want to make inclusion real. Developed by Intelife and the Centre for Disability Employment Research and Practice (CDERP), this comprehensive service works with all levels of your company.

“It’s not simply about recruitment or awareness, it’s about understanding the organisation and creating change at all levels to support the natural recruitment of people with a disability and support the delivery of career and employment opportunities.”

We’ve developed a multi-stage process that uses the available evidence base and our proprietory program to understand where the organisation systems and processes are right now. That’s our starting point: Where are you right now?

Individual Employment

Work First Employment is an innovative suite of person-centred disability employment services underpinned by Customised Employment delivered with fidelity to the evidence base for practice. Our approach is based on local and international evidence for best practice and supported with the input of leaders in disability employment across the world.

Work First Employment works with individuals who are self-managed participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Work First Individual Employment delivers Customised Employment and Discovery working with people with disabilities or barriers to employment to find meaningful paid employment in the community. It is based on the individual’s strengths, skills, interests, ideal conditions of employment and the business needs of the employer. True mutuality!

Mental Health Services

Our mental health services are available to individuals who are self manage clients of the NDIS and to the general public who need counselling services to support good mental health. Corporate clients may also avail themselves of these services by arrangement.