Acceptance Mental Health Clinic

Our counsellors specialise in helping individuals navigate personal challenges, comprehend their issues, and foster appropriate life adjustments.

At Acceptance Mental Health, our counsellors are adept at actively listening, empathizing, encouraging, and empowering individuals. We recognize that the nature of encountered problems varies according to individual circumstances, encompassing challenges such as depression, anxiety, managing harmful behaviours and emotions, and coping with traumatic experiences or events.

Our team collaborates with individuals facing mild to moderate mental health concerns, aiding them in gaining self-awareness and devising strategies to cope with or resolve their issues. We offer a confidential and secure environment where clients can openly discuss their concerns and emotions with their counsellor.

Acceptance Mental Health extends support through various avenues:

  • Individual counselling sessions, conducted face-to-face, over the phone, or online
  • Engagement with individuals, their families, or in group settings
  • Ensuring confidentiality of client records
  • Cultivating a relationship based on trust and respect
  • Attentively listen to client concerns, empathise, and assist them in gaining clarity or adopting different perspectives.

Additionally, our counsellors assist individuals seeking employment through their NDIS packages. Our staff are trained in Customised Employment and utilise Discovery methods to understand individuals’ skills and interests, thereby facilitating suitable career matches. Collaborating with our Work First Employment team, our counsellors offer support encompassing various aspects of life both within and beyond the workplace environment.

Acceptance Mental Health offers comprehensive support to job seekers, including:

  • Employment counselling: Continuous guidance throughout the employment journey
  • Career Design: Goal setting and fostering self-determination
  • Workplace counselling: Supporting individuals in active employment
  • Life counselling: Enhancing overall well-being and communication skills

With our counselling team’s support and collaboration with the Work First Employment team, we assist individuals in evaluating options and identifying steps toward achieving their goals. Our counsellors empower individuals to become self-determined, enabling them to exert greater control over their employment journey.

Understanding the challenges involved in entering the workforce, Acceptance Mental Health places a significant emphasis on quality-of-life considerations in our specialized counselling services. We strive to provide guidance that fosters a positive direction in both life and career pursuits. While navigating the complexities of the work world, our counsellors offer assistance in maintaining focus, realigning priorities, and providing ongoing support through effective communication and planning.

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