Acceptance Mental Health Clinic

Our counsellors work with individuals who are experiencing personal difficulties, to help understand and overcome their problems and to make appropriate changes in their lives.

Our Counsellors are trained to listen to, emphasise with, encourage and help to empower the individual. At Acceptance Mental Health we understand the nature of problems encountered varies for people according to the situation and can include support for depression, anxiety, management of harmful behaviour and emotions, or difficulties coping with traumatic experiences or events.

Our team works with individuals with mild to moderate mental health problems by helping individuals to better understand themselves and find their own ways to cope or to resolve problems. We provide a safe and private place, where the counsellor and client can talk openly about the client’s issues and feelings.

Acceptance Mental Health can provide support through:
• Individual counselling, face to face, over the phone, or online
• Working with the individual, their families and as a group
• Keeping your files confidential
• Building a relationship of trust and respect
• Listening to clients concerns, empathising with them and helping them to see things more clearly or in a different way

Our counsellors also offer support to those who are seeking employment through their NDIS packages. Our staff are trained and qualified in Customised Employment and the use of Discovery to get to know the person, their skills and interests and accordingly matches the individual with their career path. Throughout your career development, working with our Work First – Employment team can support the individual and help them to utilise their strengths and abilities. Our counsellors can provide support within and outside the working environment for a whole of life approach.

Acceptance Mental Health can support the job-seeking individual, are:
• Employment counselling: Ongoing counselling to support the job seekers employment journey
• Career Design: Goal setting and self-determination
• Workplace counselling: To support the individual while in active employment
• Life counselling: Wellbeing support to improve communication and overall quality of life

With the support of our counselling team and liaising with the Work First – Employment team, we support you throughout the process to evaluate your options and identify steps to progress towards your goals. The work you put in to identify your options will help you to achieve and maintain realistic goals and set practical parameters. This can be particularly useful if you tend to struggle with goal setting or making changes in your life. Our counsellors will help you to become self-determined in your life, giving you greater control over your employment journey.

At Acceptance Mental Health we know the journey into employment can be challenging which is why quality of life considerations are an important aspect we provide specialised counselling for. Allowing you an overall positive direction in life and your career. The world of work can be an overwhelming prospect, but our counsellors can help you to focus and realign yourself through communication, planning and support.

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