Inclusive Corporations

Work First HR & Hire is a fresh new approach to disability inclusion in the workplace.

We’re not simply trying to get employers to employ a person with a disability or raise their awareness. We’ve combined the best research evidence with smart disability employment practice to bring supply and demand together.

This creates real employment and career opportunities that enhance corporate engagement and social capital, plus a bottom-line opportunity.

Work First HR & Hire is a complete solution to the sometimes complex issues confronting employers who want to make inclusion real. Developed by Intelife and the Centre for Disability Employment Research and Practice (CDERP), this comprehensive service works with all levels of your company. Work First isn’t a disability awareness program that allows you to promote yourself as a disability aware employer. It’s part of a continuum of employment practices that support real change and real employment outcomes, not simply the intent to do something.

We start with a comprehensive review of your existing practices using our specially developed audit tool that measures across six domains and forty-two elements that are known factors that underpin successful disability employment. This creates a rating of your organisation against the benchmark and is the starting point on the journey to disability-inclusive employment practices.

We work with your organisation to develop inclusive policies and practices, along with your key staff joining us in our specially designed professional development program. Our program educates and informs your staff on the current understanding of disability in the workplace and the recruitment practices that are used by disability employment experts to create successful, meaningful employment opportunities for people with a disability.

We’ve developed and written a comprehensive online program that will be made available to your HR staff and Disability Champions that will inform and educate about disability in the workplace, accommodations and the recruitment process that informs our program.

Our disability employment experts join the process to support your staff to identify appropriate staff to become natural workplace supports.This process is beneficial to non-disabled workers as well. 

You’ll develop an active partnership with a local employment service provider – the disability employment expert to work with you to find suitable employment candidates in the community to meet your going employment needs and support real inclusion – inclusion that enhances your social licence.

They’ll support the right candidate in the workplace as the natural supports develop and then fade out. The right candidate at the right time with the right supports.

We don’t leave you to sink or swim. We’ll review your practices after six months and re-rate your organisation. Every twelve months, we review your practices, policies and employment success and provide you with an up to date rating, along with additional fine-tuning of your practices and policies. Our disability employment experts are there to support you with your recruitment needs and workplace supports.

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